Castle in Sintra, Portugal

There are many wonderful things to do and use your time when visiting Sintra and doing a Yoga and Meditation Retreat at Shamballah. Off course slowing down the pace to be more in touch with the rhythms of Nature, bringing more balance and harmony to our life must be one of the main reasons to attend one of the retreats and we believe that the close contact to Nature´s beauty helps to rekindle that passion for life. Sintra´s cultural landscape, classified by UNESCO as world heritage will definitely nourish your senses and imagination. Here are a few suggestions :

1. Visit Capuchos convent and Monserrate palace and gardens

This convent is very special. From the St Francis of Assisi order it has simple architecture that is completely integrated with the surrounding environment. Monks were living and meditating here for 300 years and you can sense the buddha field, the place just invites for contemplation. From here there is a beautiful hike through the forest to Monserrate. This is just 30-40 min walk and it is good to take your phone with gps just to be sure you don´t divert deeper into the forest. Monserrate Palace is a popular attraction, the details on the decoration will impress you and the gardens are nothing short of amazing!

2. Pena and Moorish Castle

Pena Palace is the main monument in Sintra and both of this impressive constructions sit at top of the hill. The gardens of the Palace will take you on a journey to a fairytale. The hike from the top of the hill to the historical center is great too, passing by other interesting villas on the way.

3. Quinta da Regaleira and Sintra historical center.

Regaleira is considered one of the best monuments in Sintra. The owner that built this property belonged to the masonry and throughout the whole estate there are symbols allusive to this order as well as to other mythical figures. It has an impressive initiatic well that leads to underground tunnels that explore beautiful parts of the gardens. A must see! After you visit Quinta da Regaleira i suggest to stroll around the historical center where you will find more to discover.

4. Surf lesson

Yoga and Surf are great complements and the joy of riding waves is a great experience for those who like a more active time and close contact with the Ocean. Consider exploring our Surf and Yoga Retreat for a perfect blend of rejuvenating yoga practices and exhilarating surf sessions.

5. Dinossaur footprints

A great hike to do when visiting this site is to start near cabo da Roca and end up at Praia Grande where the footprints are, this takes around 2hrs along the stunning coastline. When i visit this site i always remember that all is temporary and that there is a bigger picture that most times our small mind perspective does not allow us to see.

6. Massage treatment

Massage is one of the most ancient forms of healing used by humans. It helps to relax body and mind. In deep relaxation healing can happen. There are different massage styles you can choose while at Shamballah Retreats, from ayurvedic to zenshiatsu massage, aromatherapy and reiki.

7. Cabo da Roca e praia da ursa

This Cape is the most western point of continental Europe and many people come here to appreciate its spectacular views and coastal scenery. right next to it you can find Praia da Ursa to access this wonderful beach you need to follow some fisherman´s trails down the hill but once you get down you understand that the effort is well worth it.

8. Great Hikings along the coast

Our venue is just 10 minutes walk to beautiful coastline. The closest beach can be accessed through many steps that take you from the top of the cliff all the way to this secluded and wild beach, when it is low tide you can walk along the beach to the other end praia do magoito.

9. Taketina, sound journey and awakened voice

There are some extra activities that we organise for our guests and since we always get great reviews we will keep including these on what we offer. Taketina is a tool that works with rhythm, by adding different rhythms to the circle we work with different parts of the brain and body taking us to a meditative space. Sound journey is also an inner journey where the different instruments transport us to many landscapes around the world. The awakened voice is a holistic group voice therapy where we explore our voices through improvisation and toning.

10. Consultation with renowned spiritual coach

This is, for us, a wonderful gift we offer our guests when staying with us. The possibility to talk and receive guidance from a realised meditation master during our meditation retreats. He has vast knowledge about health and life in general and the wisdom he shares with us can be great help to guide us on this walk on earth.