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Sound can be very powerful and create a space for deep relaxation and transformation.

The combinations of instruments create rich harmonics and the layering of tones, rhythms and frequencies create a magical and deeply relaxing soundscape that often have a profound effect on the listener.

Usually we have 2 types of sound journeys or meditative concerts.

The healing sound bath is a sound session that offers as a Tonal Alchemist for groups, where you lie down and receive currents of intentional sound and frequency that feed your body, mind and soul. Winga is an experienced musician playing different instruments like didgeridoo, hang drum, flutes, tuning forks, gongs and more, this is more of a tribal soundscape where Winga takes us on journey through the “jungle”

The meditative concert with Alban as the name implies is more meditative. A journey where you receive vibrational waves of higher frequencies like love, peace, joy and gratitude with Alban’s healing voice, overtone, harmonium, flute, didgeridoo and other instruments. Starts with 15min guided meditation and than 45min of a concert where you can experiencing a higher plane of awareness and inner peace.