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16 – 21 of May

Sintra is Europe’s nose and Portugal is its face, as Fernando Pessoa once
wrote. Another renowned Portuguese poet – Luís de Camões, referred to it as a mythic land ruled by water nymphs. Lord Byron called it a “glorious Eden.”

The list of writers and artists that were inspired by this unique little town is endless.
Sintra’s mountain and its cape (Roca) have been, for millennia, a borderline
land between the known world and the mysterious sea.
It ́s a land filled with myths and legends, which is unsurprising, for a mountain long considered to be sacred.
In ancient times it was called Lunae Mons (meaning “Hill of the
Moon”), while the name Sintra reportedly comes from Cynthia – the Roman Goddess of the Moon.

It has plenty to discover – from breathtaking nature and scenery to an amalgamation of exotic architectural styles in its historical monuments simmering with all sorts of mysteries and delightful stories.

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We have found a special place in the forest. The setting where the feelings of the natural world and personal connection get together. A place full of life and creation, inclined for healing and celebration.
A joyful portal located in the heart of a forest charged with beauty and dream-like curiosities. A place ideal for a retreat.

This experience is recommended to all people from all walks of life who seek Health, Happiness, and Inner Wisdom. If you are looking to release tensions and stress, recharge and rekindle your passion for life, to find deeper connections with yourself and others around you that accept you as you are and support you to reach your potential, Shamballah Retreats is a place you can experience all that and more.

We created a special program combining our experience in Yoga and Meditation, with our dedication to nourishing our bodies and soul with delicious food and life-changing experiences. We curated very talented and knowledgeable guides, therapists, and artists for this retreat.


This healthy week includes:

  • 5 nights accommodation

  • 5 delicious organic breakfasts (with probiotics)

  • 10 Yoga classes

  • 4 healthy and tasty lunches (mostly organic)

  • 5 healthy and delicious dinners (mostly organic)

  • 10 guided Meditations

  • meditative concert – Dhrupad
  • coaching sessions with renowned Life Coach

  • 1 Aromatouch massage with 100% pure essential oils

  • guided tour to 3 of the main parks in Sintra cultural landscape

  • purified water and teas and sugar free snacks

  • airport or city transfer


“A great place in a great environment surrounded by some great people! Patricia and Zarqa are two caring individuals that help to deepen your practice. Glad to have met them and will be back at some point again.”


“One of the most fulfilling weeks I’ve ever had. The teachers put so much energy and love into their program. Well worth doing! I’ll definitely do it again! Yoga, meditation, hiking, surfing all in one of the most beautiful places.”


“One of the best experiences of my life. The yoga and meditation were of a really high standard. The accommodation was so warm and comfortable and the food was superb. I went to this retreat on my own and i didn’t feel a moment of loneliness, it was wall to wall kindness and love!”


“What a wonderful experience in a beautiful area. Zarqa and Patricia really involve you in their way of living, which helped me to let go of my daily stress and chaos. They made you feel home. The yoga classes are well set up and so are the meditations. The food is amazing and the area has so many great things to offer!”





Patricia was born in Lisbon and studied Sports and Physical Education at University (5 years).

She is passionate about Dance, body consciousness, Meditation, and the Holistic approach to Life.

Since 1992, she’s been teaching and inspiring people through different types of bodywork: body&mind, dance, conscious movement, postural/restorative, somatic awareness, fascia release, personal training/therapy.

She is a certified Yoga (E-RYT 200 from Yoga Alliance), Fitness (CEF 3 years; AFAA), and Pilates (Pilates Institute) Instructor, sponsored by Reebok and other fitness brands. Her classes combine sequences and exercises specially designed in a flowing and creative way to suit all levels and create a balanced and healing practice that nurtures body, mind, and soul.

She also works as a ZenShiatsu Therapist since 2005 (Internacional School of Shiatsu – Kiental – 3years), balancing people’s energy and aligning their physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

In 2009 she met her Spiritual Master and started to go deeper in Meditation, being committed to practicing mindfulness and spirituality in her daily life, after living four and a half years in a Meditation school (monastic life).

Since 2003, Surfing has also been part of her life and a way to connect with Mother Nature.



Zarqa has long been fascinated by the knowledge of Life that many different native people and ancient mystical traditions have. The inner journey of self-development took him to many different places, working with shamanic traditions, practicing and studying with Spiritual Master Tony Samara since 2001.

He is trained and certified in a special style of Ayurvedic Massage and has been practicing since the year 2004.

For six years he lived in the Garden of Light, a school of meditation. Going deeper on this mystical path. Learning that meditation is the key to freedom and freedom is the key to happiness and joy.

Bringing meditation and massage together creates a great synergy.

Growing up by the Ocean developed a deep connection to this element and surfing is a great passion.


From 1108€ / person

Double/ Twin ensuite room 1108€
Private Single ensuite room 1444€


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