These sessions are an opportunity to reassess what is truly important in our lives.

As the world stops and with it the hectic rhythm of modern life, we have a great possibility to create a new structure that will help us to make positive and conscious choices.

This possibility was created to support transformation in these challenging times.

We will share simple yet personalized and powerful tools that will help you to attune to those higher frequencies that will bring you back to the state of balance and harmony that we have forgotten.

These zoom sessions can include:

  • meditation
  • yoga
  • breathing exercises
  • pilates
  • healthy diet
  • coaching
Online course at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal
Yoga class at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal
Meditation class at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal
Yoga at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal


“I want to thank you from the deepest of my soul for all your guidance and motivation. For the feeling of being part of a spiritual family and for the amazing lessons you’ve taught me. You two have truly helped me change my life into a new and more peaceful and fulfilling direction.
I can’t tell you how much you two have meant to me these past months.
I am so incredibly grateful to have found you two in my life and I really believe the universe has been looking out for me and guided me towards you.
I hope you know how much these zoom meetings meant for me and what a positive impact you still have on my life.
Truly and deeply, Thank you.”
“Balance is my main goal and I feel so much at peace after mediation and yoga. Your words and practices are so fulfilling and wonderful. I’m so grateful to have found you both and knowing the practices are waiting for me when I can do them during the day is like Christmas.”
“Thank you so much for the online sessions during these difficult weeks. I feel like having the sessions to look forward to each day have made a big improvement in my quality of life. ”


30 MIN 45€

Pack of 10 (30 MIN) 400€

60 MIN 80€

PACK OF 10 (60 MIN) 700€


+351 914 405 509

Rua do Chão Velho 10
2705-627 São João das Lampas
Sintra, Portugal

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