Yoga class at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal

At Shamballah Retreats, we offer a haven of serenity nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Sintra, Portugal. 

Founded by Zarqa and Patricia, passionate seekers of self-development and spiritual growth, our retreat is more than just a destination. Shamballah is a sacred space where individuals from all walks of life can embark on a journey of inner exploration, healing, and transformation. 

Who We Are 

Zarqa e Patricia at Shamballah Retreat Center in Sintra, Portugal

Zarqa and Patricia, were born in Portugal but are citizens of the world. They share a deep commitment to making self-development and spiritual growth a priority in their lives. 

With over 48 years of combined experience in studying, practising, and teaching techniques that develop awareness and harmonise body and mind, they founded Shamballah Retreats. They envisioned a retreat that created a safe and nurturing environment where they could share their wisdom with the world. 

Our Values

At the core of Shamballah Retreats our values are rooted in reverence for our planet and a commitment to personal and environmental well-being. We deeply respect and love our beautiful planet, recognising Mother Nature as the ultimate teacher. 

Our choices and actions reflect this ethos, from sourcing renewable electricity to using organic and ecological cleaning products. We are dedicated to nurturing harmony with nature and fostering a sense of unity and interconnectedness among all beings. 

What We Do

Our retreats are carefully crafted to provide experiences and tools that develop awareness, nurture the nervous system, promote greater balance, peace, and encourage well-being. Through a blend of yoga, meditation, mindfulness practices, and holistic therapies, we offer a unique holistic approach to wellness that addresses the needs of the body, mind, and spirit.

What to Expect 

large group of people doing yoga outdoors

When you join us for a yoga and meditation retreat at Shamballah, you can expect to be immersed in a transformative journey of self-discovery and renewal. Surrounded by the lush greenery of Sintra and the soothing sounds of the nearby ocean, you’ll find yourself in the perfect environment for relaxation, reflection, and rejuvenation. 

Our yoga classes are led by experienced instructors and cater to all levels. These classes are designed to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and deepen your connection to yourself and the natural world. Whether you prefer the dynamic flow of a morning Vinyasa session or the restorative bliss of an evening Hatha class, our diverse offerings ensure that you’ll find a practice that resonates with you. 

In addition to yoga, our retreats include guided meditation sessions, mindfulness workshops, and a variety of extra activities designed to enhance your experience. You can browse our activities from outdoor excursions to holistic therapies. Each offering is thoughtfully curated to support your journey toward greater health, happiness, and inner wisdom. 

Benefits of Retreats Next to the Ocean

Being next to the ocean adds an extra dimension of tranquillity to your retreat experience. The rhythmic sound of the waves lapping against the shore serves as a natural lullaby, promoting relaxation and deepening your meditation practice. 

Spend your time in Sintra being serenaded by the ocean and embracing the invigorating sea air to cleanse your mind and revitalise your spirit. Whether you’re practising yoga on the beach or simply taking a stroll along the shoreline, the ocean serves as a powerful ally on your journey toward well-being.

Join Us at Shamballah Retreats

Escape the stresses of daily life and embark on a journey of self-discovery and renewal at Shamballah Retreats. Book your retreat today and experience the transformative power of yoga, meditation, and mindfulness in the serene beauty of Sintra, Portugal.