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The term Yoga it’s based on the Sanskrit root word “Yuj” which means “Unite” or “Join” and was used to refer to the Union or Oneness and the path to it.

For us Yoga is a discipline design to join together the individual with the divine, using mental and physical practices that merge our mundane and spiritual lives.

All our practices have in mind the ultimate goal of Yoga:

“Nirvana” or “Samadhi”, which is the state of being in Union with All, realising the Sacredness in all aspects of life.

This goal is achieved by passing through various steps of expanding states of consciousness and the chakras represent this steps. For this reason we decided to focus more deeply in this energy work along our 10 Yoga classes.

We can say that Yoga is a practice of evolution because it results in personal growth and transformation. One of the Yoga classical definitions is:

“to achieve something not able to be reached before”

It is about self-realisation by merging the body with the mind and the mind with our divine soul.

In our Yoga classes we practice the Asanas (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing technics) to help the body to be stronger, more flexible, balanced, healthy and relaxed.

When we work with the body, the mind is also working and the goal is to create a bond between body and mind and to be more aware of what means to be grounded here in the body and in this present moment.

As the mind gets more clear and calm it is easier to expand into a state of peacefulness and feel at home in your body and in this world.

The morning class is more dynamic based on Vinyasa style, a soft, gentle and smooth flow from pose to pose in synchronisation with the breath. We practice different variations of Sun salutations where the key is to connect poses with the breath and with the flow of the moment.

The evening class is a more relaxed, modified, traditional Hatha Yoga mixed with restorative and Yin yoga styles and involves seated, supine and prone poses, using sometimes props to help students to hold postures longer while focusing on more passive stretching and deeper relaxation. This class’s main goal is to slow the nervous system and still the mind in order to release the tension from the fascia and to heal the negative effects of stress.

Both methods are suitable for all levels addressing the needs and personal conditions of each practitioner, always respecting each ones individual rhythm.

This methods are made to help practitioners achieve the goals of greater health and general well being through deeper self awareness.